~~Matt and Sharon are a dedicated couple and life long dog enthusiasts. Matt: I started Outbound Houndz in 2007 after many years in the "rat race"....or as it turned out ..."The rat treadmill" of the Pacific Stock Exchange. Once I decided to tear off the rearview mirror and go full on into the world of pet care, I took a good long look at what other dog walkers were doing and what I felt they werent doing. My goal was to focus on thier strenghts and to shore up the short comings. I decided that we would only walk on the finest trails that the East Bay Regional parks had to offer as opposed to the closest most convenient trail , And that the dogs would always be paired up in suitable like minded packs. And that we would go the extra mile to ensure the safest and best hiking expierience possible. Sharon fell in love with the service after many years of being an Electrician. During the economic downturn of 2010 and finding to many "idle days" in her field she started joining me more and more on my hikes. She already had a great relationship with the members of our four legged family so it was a very seamless and natural transition." She really took to it instantly and had an uncanny connection with the dogs". Together we form a very good team and are able to cover all of our bases while keeping the doggys in well suited and happy groups.